Monday, November 17, 2014

and...Morning starts with "Harakiri for the sky"

From Yesterday To Ashes

"We walked through stony paths to avoid this crystal drought of doom,
but without taking one single look around we crashed right back in!
An episode of life can be recounted in a few trite words,
but the reverberations that remain will last from days to years.
Daring not to chase all these hours of unique ecstasy,
'cause elapsed moments can't be repeated, once gone they're lost.

I sing the word hope in inscrutable notes,
the same with certainty, I write it in illegible letters.
We were the young furious, restless and uncompromising,
these songs of love and tragedy carried us thorugh sleepless nights.

This is the time when all I was convinced of gains a new meaning,
an unknown awareness, a secret life of words.
You may say my eyes are empty and my skin is so withered,
but unlike a candle my life burns from both ends!

This is my answer to a question that was never set,
this is my anthem, this is my ode to youth!
This is my answer to a question that was never set,
this is my confession, this is my ode to youth!"

Harakiri for the sky
P.S. These guys are from Austria
The band was formed in 2011
Genre : Post Black Metal
Lyrical themes are just breathtaking .
Their FB page :

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


The moment when you know how it's gonna end, but still trying to climb the mountains of hope. There is nothing you can do. There is no one to help you and probably it's the only time, when silence scares you. You are afraid to make a call, but it's still more frightening to receive it... You do your best not to show the pain you feel...Pain which digs your heart and crawls into your dreams, turning them into the nightmares...I don't know what to say and how to put everything I feel into words. I'll close my eyes and dream of the days when we were together... Stay strong........ I love you ...........

Monday, January 13, 2014

Rain of Love and Loneliness

My Love is turning into rain...Need more air to express the depth of the feeling I own...need more space to breath and fulfill oxygen with Love...Need those pure droplets to crush against your window and feel you...My Love ♥

Friday, January 10, 2014

The violent story of a girl with the scent of lonely violets

  Sometimes it happens that she sees the dream. After the last season of heavy rainfall , in the night of her casual loneliness, she realized that the dream was crushed against the wall of such a cruel and pitiful, dreadful reality. Still don’t wanna believe it’s simple and true… 
  Next morning she woke up in the hollow space…feels like the vacuum is filling her veins and the blood disappeared somewhere else…Maybe she never had even a single droplet of the hot, tempting blood. Otherwise why did he left?... exchanged her and his chance…his choice was to remain in Existence…While she was preparing the cozy place in nonexistent spaces for you both…Where no one could find you behind the curtains of love…Where ghosts are singing their sentimental songs without lyrics, cause nobody needs the words. Everything is so clear and pure…and one look into the eyes is enough for you to feel what she feels and see the thousands of books had been written about your love…
 In one agonizing night everything had gone and the raining season disappeared with you…
She forced herself to stood up from the old bed and walked down the stairs, leaving her bedroom in skinny white nightdress…She was barefooted, without her fishnet and scary Gothic look…Her silky white skin had the scent of violets…She was walking from one side of the room to another…
Tick, tock… Tick, tock…
She was Leaving her magical scent and in a half an hour the whole room was full of violets…but she couldn’t notice them, cause the only thing she felt was You. 
“_Why won’t you leave my heart at last?...” She cried at once and the grief left her innocent lips, fading some violets nearby.
 “_Why I still feel the smell of your silken hair, while I’d never touched it before?...”
“_Were you real?...” she whispered in a trembling voice filled with tears and the stream of her pain was already rolling down on her cheeks, caressing her pale breast instead of your warmth…She took a deep breath and tried to catch some sweet memories of being with you, even on the distance, but so close to the heart…Searching for the answer, why you denied her.
Suddenly, reflection of her eyes caught a piece of sunshine coming from the window. The raining season is truly over, but not for her. She won’t let the rain go and leave her, as you did, because it is the last thing she had left from you… It started to rain hard in her room, in her heart, in her soul, in her eyes and it will last until she won’t be flooded in sorrow…
Is there any way out? The doors are locked, the pain gets harder. She slipped on the wet floor and stuck her head against the marble. Thousands of butterflies flew out from her wound. She opened her eyes, but could see nothing… Do you know why?!.. _she is so blinded by you and so shy, because she showed her naked dreams to you, totally bared her soul for you…
 White nightdress was already wet and translucent as a glass, like she was nude and innocent only in your mind…With this thoughts she began to sifting the pictures you never had. For a second she went back in the past, caressing your hair and burning the lies, which caused so much pain. She never new the words you said could be the same lies… Her world was crushing down…Countless sharp debris were falling and cutting her pale body harder than any razor. “_Such a lovely suicide” one can think in his mind, but it’s a big mistake, because it is called a murder. Excruciating pain you caused her is unbearable…Will you ever think of salvation?... Time is passing by… Some more minutes and she will be flooded in solitude…Still waiting for your arm, but in vain…
Tick, tock…Tick, tock…Tick, tock…
for ****You ****
Sunny winter morning
State of mind is complicated.